According to Statistics Canada, over five million people residing in Canada are second-generation. That represents about 17% of the total population.

For those who don’t know, or are too lazy to read the entire report, second generation individuals are the children of immigrant parents (either one or both).

I am one of them. 

Although I’ve lived here my entire life, I feel as if I’ve been caught between two worlds (at least for the majority of it). These two worlds consist of my traditional ethnic background (Indian) and my legal and residential one (Canadian).

Connecting to both identities has been challenging and confusing, especially growing up with, what some would consider, orthodox parents. Never really feeling a sense of belonging to either group, this has shaped many aspects of my life, including social and professional.

Dueling Identities will showcase my life experiences as a second generation immigrant living in the Western world. These stories may or may not connect with you on a personal level but I hope you will continue to read them.

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